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Häfner’s Flair Hotel Adlerbad

Come with us to paradise – more precisely: to the hiking paradise. Bad Peterstal-Griesbach in the Black Forest stands for excellent hiking holidays. The German Hiking Institute has named the place a “premium hiking location”. This guarantees that the demanding hiking guests in Bad Peterstal-Griesbach are guaranteed an outstanding and unmistakable hiking experience. In this hiking paradise, the Häfner family takes care of their guests at the Häfner’s Flair Hotel Adlerbad. The hotel, which is surrounded by three premium hiking trails, is the Flair Hotel of the Year 2021.

The Häfner family is all about hikers. “We have prepared more than 30 hiking tours of our own for our guests,” says hotel owner Jens Häfner. Including, of course, personal insider tips from the hotelier. The GPS data and tour descriptions are exclusively available in-house. “We also lend hiking equipment such as hiking sticks, rucksacks or binoculars,” says Häfner. A GPS service, hiking maps, tour descriptions and local tour advice are a matter of course. The hotel even offers a hiking shuttle bus.

Mountain biking or pleasure cycling with the e-bike is also great in the region. Jens Häfner is happy to give tips for great tours. A trip to the Europa Park in Rust is just as good as a visit to a Baden winegrower. Or would you prefer a stroll through Baden-Baden or Freudenstadt? You can even experience a little piece of France on a detour to Strasbourg in Alsace.

After the tours it’s time to relax and enjoy. The Häfner’s Flair Hotel Adlerbad is well prepared for this. In the restaurant there are delicacies from the region, always fresh and seasonal. “Our kitchen also pampers gourmets,” says Jens Häfner, making us want more. Those who want to switch off are in good hands in the wellness area with the modern sauna area. Here you can enjoy your time-out with a Finnish sauna, thermium, steam bath grotto, campfire and more. “Let your soul dangle with us,” invites Jens Häfner.

The Flair Hotels have made Häfner's Flair Hotel Adlerbad in the Black Forest the Flair Hotel of the Year

Flair chef Alexander Erck

Relaxed casualness paired with the joy of extraordinary enjoyment – because of this unique combination of talent, Alexander Erck from the Flair Hotel Erck in Bad Schönborn in Kraichgau was named Flair Chef of the Year 2021. In his popular restaurant DER ERCK, the top chef spoils his guests with creative, modern regional cuisine and seasonal accents, which surprise again and again with supraregional impulses. “We also have a slight French twist in our kitchen, simply due to the proximity to nearby Alsace,” he says.

Alexander Erck’s focus is on purchasing: the products must ideally be from home – fresh, healthy and full of flavor from the place where they are produced on the plate. Of course, Erck knows the winemaker, the farmer, the butcher, the baker and brewer who supplies him personally. In this way he can guarantee the highest quality of the products and promote species-appropriate husbandry and sustainable production without genetic manipulation.

As a hobby hunter, Alexander Erck shoots the game that is processed in the kitchen himself. He then uses the entire animal. Game dishes are on his menu all year round. “We sometimes make light summer cuisine with game and the guests just know it’s sustainable meat.” Alexander Erck is also a beekeeper. “We have our own honey from my bees, which are in the hunting grounds on orchards.” The sustainable cuisine at DER ERCK meets the highest standards. Alexander Erck also has a mission: “I would be delighted if our guests were enthusiastic about sustainability through my kitchen style. Food and the products that go with it simply have to be valued more again. “

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