Welcome to the Flair Hotel Zum Schwarzen ReiterFlair Hotels are exclusively family-run but mostly also owner-run, authentic businesses. Every day, the owners pour their heart and soul into offering their guests an holistic wellness experience in their region. The cohesion and cooperation of the whole family plays an important role in this.

Flair Hotels are typical of the region; they are usually traditional hotels that have been owned by the family for generations. The owners are deeply rooted in their region and maintain close partnerships with local businesses. Regional products and produce are used in the Flair Hotels, which is why no Flair Hotel is like any other. We often greet you in a regional dialect and in local traditional costume.

Each Flair Hotel has its own unique personality, its own special Flair, whether that’s due to its location in magnificent nature, special medieval architecture, regional cuisine, seductive gourmet and event offers, or simply due to the unmistakeable charm and character of the region and its residents.

Excellent regional and seasonal cuisine is especially important to us at Flair Hotels. Our restaurants are the core element of our businesses. The owners are often the chefs as well and personally spoil you with recipes handed down in the family. Bringing together tradition and modernity, especially in the kitchen, gives us great pleasure.

For business travellers, active holidaymakers, those seeking relaxation or culture, Flair hosts will always give you a warm welcome and offer you a place where you can feel comfortable and relax.

Flair Hotels e.V.

Flair Hotels e.V. was founded with 16 founding members in Reichelshofen 40 years ago on 12th April 1983. The first hotels from the new federal states were added in 1992. Today Flair Hotels e.V. has 35 members and is one of the largest hotel cooperations in Germany. Our board of management consisting of seven people works on a voluntary basis for its members and promotes innovative projects for its colleagues. The capacity of most family-run (or at least owner-run) hotels is currently between 12 and 66 rooms. The Flair Marketing and Sales Office is based in Lower Franconia, in 97199 Ochsenfurt.

What is a hotel cooperation?

In contrast to a chain, the hotels at Flair Hotels are all economically and legally independent. They voluntarily form an association and have codetermination rights. Any issues that the hotels cannot tackle themselves due to their small size are thus processed centrally in the association. This includes marketing, sales, quality management, purchasing, etc. Above all, what is important for the medium-sized Flair hoteliers is the opportunity for nationwide exchange with colleagues from comparable businesses. Problems such as a lack of skilled labour can thus be resolved more easily. We are stronger together and can assert ourselves over the competitors who are managed by investors.