Gebrüder Grimm Statue

The German Fairy Tale Route – a magical journey

The German Fairy Tale Route is one of the oldest and most popular travel routes for fairy tale enthusiasts. In the footsteps of the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, you can bring Cinderella’s castle, Rapunzel’s Trendelburg or Hansel and Gretel’s witch’s house back to life.

The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Märchenstraße”, which was founded in 1975, covers a distance of 600 kilometers and leads to over 60 stations that bring Grimm’s world-famous fairy tale characters to life. The Märchenstrasse connects more than 70 cities and communities between Hanau and Bremen. You can embark on this magical journey on foot, by bike or by car.

Erleben Sie Geschichte und Geschichten und entdecken Sie eine über 1000 Jahre alte Stadt und ihre Umgebung auf märchenhafte Weise.

Flair Hotel Stadt Höxter

Starting point in Hanau

The journey begins in the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm – in Hanau. There you can find a large bronze monument on the market square that depicts Wilhelm sitting on a pedestal while Jacob is standing diagonally behind him. An old myth says, however, that the two would have swapped places at midnight and it was therefore not possible to say for sure whether this was also the truth.

Hansel and Gretel in the town of Höxter

Another stop on the fairy tale route is the town of HöHänsel und Gretel Brunnenxter. A place with a long history as well as numerous myths and anecdotes. Here the Brothers Grimm have cultivated some Hansel and Gretel Brunnen friendships and are said to have collected around 60 fairy tales. In the lively, historic city center you will not only find a Hansel and Gretel fountain, but also today some of the most beautiful buildings of the Weser Renaissance.

With the help of various themed city tours, you can experience Höxter up close. One of the tours deals with the topic of myths, anecdotes and legends.

City of Höxter, Andreas Hub

In addition, you can take a group tour with Jost Ziegenhirt. This takes you through the oldest corners and alleys in Höxter and tells you about his former life.

In the Höxter district, however, the fairy tale of the Bremen Town Musicians also has some settings. For example, the robber’s house in the fairy tale is said to be there. In the nearby town of Polle in the district of Holzminden you can visit the ruins of the romantic castle in Cinderella’s homeland.

There is also a Flair Hotel on the German Fairy Tale Route. The Flair Hotel Stadt Höxter has integrated small elements from the world of fairy tales into the rooms and restaurants. Picture walls tell of the fascination and diversity of the fairy tale world, wall stickers in the hotel rooms tell the fairy tales with quotes and small figurines on the tables remind of the stories. With the “Hansel” and “Gretel” e-bikes, you can easily reach all of the vantage points. The Flair Hotel Höxter is a perfect stopover on your journey through the fairytale cities.

Weitere Märchenstädte

The Brothers Grimm studied law in the university town of Marburg. Here they began to pass their first fairy tales and you can visit the former home of the siblings.

The hometown of Little Red Riding Hood is presumed to be in Schwalmstadt in the Schwalm. The traditional costume of the red “Betztel” is still worn there today.

The realm of Frau Holle is said to be in Hessisch Lichtenau. She shook out her beds on the Hoher Meissner.

The Trendelburg, built in the town of the same name, was used by Rapunzel to draw her lover to her with her long hair. From the tower you can marvel at the surrounding area for kilometers.

Here is more about the fairytale cities on the German Fairy Tale Route.

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