Cyclists in mountain landscape

The bike adventure for the whole family

On the new blockline in the Ore Mountains you can experience breathtaking freedom over 140 kilometers.

With the whole family on the bike? Then off to the Ore Mountains. There is a brand new, impressive route full of nature experiences with the Blockline. On a total of 140 kilometers and around 2500 meters of altitude, bikers can expect the great feeling of infinite freedom. The Blockline will not officially open until June, but it has been possible to drive the route since the end of last year. Well-trained mountain bikers are not the only ones addressed. The Blockline is also easy to create for families with children from around eight years of age. Thanks to the e-bike, the grandparents can also go on the adventure tour with ease.

Loops in the Eastern Ore Mountains

Three loops divide the blockline into three exciting rounds. They take young and old adventurers on an expedition into the beautiful, untouched nature of the Eastern Ore Mountains. Breathtaking attractions made of wood point the way to a land of impressive panoramas, unique rock formations, dams rich in animals, lush mountain meadows and idyllic streams. There are three loops full of freedom, longing and adventure: simply enjoy the sensational all-round view of the basalt cone of the detached Schwartenberg, explore the valley of the watermills and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wood art. Shorter daily stages and a clever choice of accommodation leave plenty of space to discover the Ore Mountains around the route. On average, families are on the road for two to four days.

Die Blockline

Die Blockline ist schnell zu erreichen, in einem Wochenende fahrbar und entführt in eine Abenteuerwelt wie in Kanada oder Neuseeland. Neun aufwändige Portale, dekoriert mit Tribals lokaler Flora und Fauna, sind in Arbeit und sollen die Etappen markieren. Unterwegs weisen Meilensteine immer wieder den Weg. Das Abenteuer-Handbuch begleitet die Bike-Tour, am Ende winken verschiedene spannende Belohnungen zum Mit-nach-Hause-nehmen und weiter träumen. Die Blockline ist eine komplett beschilderte Bike-Strecke. Sie verläuft entgegen dem Uhrzeigersinn. Man kann überall starten, vorzugsweise am Basis Camp in Holzhau beim Gelände Sportrichter mit Blockline-Service-Center.


The Flair and Berghotel Talblick in Holzhau is one of ten hosts on the Blockline. Owner Iris glasses is completely geared towards bikers. There is not only storage space for two-wheelers you have brought with you, but also a rental facility. “We have cool e-bikes ready,” she says. A charging station for e-bikes ensures the necessary range. “We are right at the starting point of the blockline,” reveals Iris glasses. The official opening event for the Blockline will also take place here in Holzhau. Iris glasses is enthusiastic about the project. “This is fun fun not only for professionals, but for everyone,” says the hotel manager happily. “An exhilaration of freedom, without riot and exhaust fumes, but with lots of fresh air in our beautiful nature.”

Location and arrival

The Blockline is located in the east of the Ore Mountains, between Seiffen – world-famous for its wood art – and the Altenberg winter sports center. It connects three cities and six municipalities across three districts with the “Blockhausen” forest experience center. Dresden is 45 minutes away by car. It is 90 minutes to Prague and 1 hour and 45 minutes to Leipzig. Bayreuth and Erfurt are each two and a half hours, Berlin and Magdeburg three hours away. In the west, all train stations between Mulda (Saxony) and the “Holzhau Skilift” are suitable for accessing the Blockline. Geising and Altenberg are the train stations in the east of the line.

1: Sayda-Seiffen, 55km, 1120 meters in altitude

Water, forests and blooming mountain meadows - like something out of a Mark Twain novel

Mining has had a significant impact on people and the region in the Ore Mountains. The ore is firmly anchored in their DNA. The raw material wood, however, is the basis for this development: without rafting, charcoal burning and toolmaking, successful ore mining would not be conceivable. When the ore veins were running low and the mountain screeching slowly fell silent, toolmaking and filigree wood art were the saving second pillar. Wood is the raw material that has had a lasting impact on people and the region. Here, surrounded by the Ore Mountains forests, begins the story of the Blockline, an impressive bike experience through the essence of the Ore Mountains.

2: Altenberg-Hermsdorf, 62km, 1260 meters in altitude

This is where nature pulls the plug

Just let go, pull the plug, switch off and let the stress escape. The mountain meadows are in full bloom. And we are right in the middle of it all, surrounded by the fragrant bearwort, the blue devil’s claw, the rare, purple-blooming orchid orchid, bright orange fire lilies, yellow-gold coltsfoot, the purple-lilac wood cranesbill, yellow globeflowers, white spring mugs and yellow arnica. In the distance you can hear the twittering of the wren while a dipper hops along the stream. We can only imagine the diversity of species for which the forests and mountain meadows offer a safe home: red deer, hares, otters and badgers as well as gray woodpeckers, black storks, black grouse and bats. Adders, forest lizards, blindworms, grass snakes and fire salamanders are also at home here. They all invite you to discover their diverse home.

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