Odenwälder Hirschrücken

Odenwald deer back

Let yourself be pampered with culinary delights

Alexander Erck, the Flair Chef of the Year 2021, spoils his guests with creative delicacies from the region, which merge again and again with supraregional impulses. One of these dishes is the Odenwald deer saddle under the macadamia nut crust with wild broccoli, bread dumpling soufflé & grilled pear.

Even with the ingredients, Erck attaches great importance to quality, which is why he only purchases from regional farmers and butchers. The cook also hunts some animals himself. The junior chef and gastronomic manager at the Flair Hotel & Restaurant Erck always creates new combinations that meet the highest demands.


Taste home - for me, Baden regional cuisine means creative & amp; to be implemented in a modern way and to incorporate supraregional products.

Alexander Erck

… and this is how Erck’s Odenwälder deer back goes:

For the macadamia nut crust

Put the breadcrumbs, egg yolks and macadamia nuts in a bowl. Mix with whipped butter and season with sea salt. Then twist into rolls approx. 3 cm thick with cling film. Put the rolls in the refrigerator and chill well (preferably a day).

                               For the back of the deer

Take the meat out of the refrigerator in good time and temper it. Season before frying. Put the meat in one piece in a hot pan with a little rapeseed oil and sear it on all sides. Take the meat out of the pan and let it rest at room temperature. Put the saddle of deer in the oven at 80 ° C top and bottom heat in good time before serving on a baking sheet and slowly bring it to your core temperature of 44 ° C. Before serving, fry on all sides in foaming butter with a sprig of thyme. Use a spoon to repeatedly pour foaming butter over the meat. Take the macadamia crust (see recipe) out of the refrigerator and cut into approx. 3mm thick slices. Place this on the saddle of deer and gratinate it with it. The back should now have a core temperature of approx. 48 ° C – 52 ° C. Now the juicy pink saddle of deer can be carved.

For the bread dumpling soufflé

Warm the milk, melt the butter in it. Soak the bread cubes in it until they are soaked. Add egg yolk, diced onion and chervil to soaked bread cubes. Mix everything together. Season the mixture with sea salt, black pepper from the mill, nutmeg and “Quatre Epices”. Beat the egg white to a creamy foam and fold carefully into the mixture.

Lightly butter the soufflé molds. Put the mixture in molds and cook in the oven at 160 ° C for about 15-20 minutes. The hot soufflé can be turned straight out of the mold and placed on the plate for serving.

For the broccoli

After washing and cleaning, briefly blanch the broccoli in salted water and soak in ice water. (Receives the color). The vegetables should be firm to the bite. For serving, sauté the broccoli in a hot pan with the help of butter and olive oil. Season to taste with salt.

                                           For the pears

Somewhat firmer pear varieties such as Alexander Lukas are suitable. Cut the pear with the skin into wedges. Then sear them in a grill pan to create a grill pattern. Before serving, warm up in a little stock made of white wine, honey and butter.

You can also be personally cooked by the Flair chef Alexander Erck in the Flair Hotel & Restaurant Erck.