Toni on the road – Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Our Flair dog Toni is always a loyal companion on all of our trips. This time we went to the s Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. in beautiful Bad Urach. Toni had a lot of fun here with his girlfriend Chrissy, the dog from the hoteliers Tanja and Thomas Frank. You played in nature and discovered beautiful hiking trails in nature. There are many offers and possibilities for a vacation with your four-legged friend. Toni tells a little bit about his stay:

Tonis Abenteuer

It’s so beautiful here at the Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten ! I can go on vacation with my mistress for between € 5-10. I can even go anywhere, as long as I remain good. We went hiking and saw a wonderful waterfall! My friend Chrissy, the hotel owner’s dog, and I played catch on a large meadow. Even though it’s pretty quick, I still won. In some places we are allowed to walk freely without a leash. But sometimes I’m scared in the forest and I’m happy when I can be with my mistress.

We welcome everyone who is well educated, whether four-legged or two-legged. The emphasis is on WELL educated!

Tanja Frank

Cows, mountains and food

Chrissy and I made new friends too. Big cows walk around in fenced off areas and enjoy nature. But the cows are a bit scared, so I went on a leash to my mistress so that the cows aren’t afraid of me. Fortunately, she read here where I need to be on a leash and where not.

Later we went up a mountain. We also discovered a small lake there. The climb was a bit difficult, but as a reward we got to taste some of the fresh grapes from the vineyards. They were so delicious!

After a long but nice walk, we all went to eat together in the restaurant. My mistress ordered a water bowl for me from the waiters. I even got a few treats because I stayed under the table and didn’t bark loudly.

The waterfall trail

We hiked along the 10 km long waterfall trail and saw exceptionally beautiful rock slides and waterfalls. This was even selected as Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2016. It is also a nature reserve and at the same time leads through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb. On this way you can experience fantastic contrasts from valley to hill, water and soil, forest and meadows as well as light and shadow. All of Mother Nature’s games can be seen here.

We all started together at the starting point at the foot of the Schlossberg and then walked through meadows and beautiful landscapes to the Brühlbachtal. Then we climbed a nature path along the Urach waterfall until we were on a high meadow. There was a waterfall hut there where we rested.

Strengthened, we then went up the anthill and saw the rocky slide from there. Wow, they are beautiful! After marveling at the rocks, we hiked towards the forest and on the forest path to the Fohlenhof farm of the Marbach stud farm. Here we met new friends again! Very sweet fillies live here and we got to know them a little bit. Then we walked through a forest on a natural stone path and discovered the Gütersteiner waterfall.


On the second day we tried another hiking trail – the Hohenurachsteig. Starting at the train station in Bad Urach, a nature trail continued to a steep path. Then we went on a gently rising path in the direction of the Mittlerer Tiergartenweg, until we branch off onto a nature path that has come steeply uphill to the viewpoint Vorderer Hanner Felsen. We walked through the green landscapes of the mixed forest to the enchantingly beautiful Eppenzillfelsen, from which you could also see the Urach waterfall from yesterday. From here it went downhill to the Hohenurach castle ruins and on the way we were also on the high Schlossberg. Overall, we saw so many different beautiful things. We had amazing views and we had a very good time

So all in all, the vacation was a great experience. I am already looking forward to the next Flair Hotel that I am allowed to visit!

If you and your four-legged friend would also like to have an experience like Toni, come to the Flair Hotel Vier Jahreszeitenand see for yourself.