Wanderer wandern entlang der wilden Endert

Im Tal der wilden Endert

Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail 2019
The beautiful day tour from the historic Ulmen in the Vulkaneifel through the slate region of Kaisersesch to Cochem on the Moselle is Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2019.

The wild Endert – paradise for hiking
This year hiking regions in Germany are particularly in demand. The wild Endert is perfect for hiking and is still relatively little known. Now the path has received an award: it is Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2019 – the hiking trail through the valley of the Wild Endert. The tour leads over 20 kilometers from Ulmen in the Vulkaneifel through the Kaisersesch slate country to Cochem on the Moselle. The “Wilde Endert” – a stream – is a constant companion. Every year the readers of the hiking magazine choose their most beautiful route. In the most recent poll, this beautiful day tour through unspoilt nature took first place.

The starting point of the path is the Ulmener castle ruins, from where an impressive view of the youngest maar of the Eifel is possible right at the beginning of the hike. The castle ruins were once the scene of many historical events. Since it was built around 1000 AD, the old walls have often been destroyed – but have been rebuilt again and again. After the Ulmen people finally used the stones of the castle to rebuild their houses, which had been destroyed in a devastating fire, only ruins remain.

Wanderer passieren das Ulmener Maar
Wanderer passieren das Ulmener Maar

Mariental Monastery.

As soon as Ulmen is behind the hiker, the path leads through the forest to the vicinity of the Maria Martental monastery, the history of which goes back to the earliest times of Christianity. Not far from the monastery is one of the highlights of the tour right on the hiking trail: the “Rausch” waterfall plunges seven meters into the depths. This impressive natural spectacle can best be observed from a bridge that leads over the rushing Endert near the waterfall.

wildromantisches Enderttal

Der Wasserfall Rausch im Tal der wilden Endert
Der Wasserfall Rausch im Tal der wilden Endert

Mills along the way
The path then winds over other bridges, past steep slopes and considerable slate cliffs. The numerous old mills along the way make the tour worthwhile. Almost 30 mills once lined the way to Cochem. Not all of them have survived today, but some have been lovingly refurbished and converted into residential buildings. The buildings from old times give the wild and romantic Enderttal a dreamy atmosphere. In the managed Göbelsmühle it is worth stopping for a rustic snack.

dreamy atmosphere

Alte Mühle im Enderttal

After a walking time of a good six hours, the imperial city of Cochem is reached. Finally, there are numerous small shops in Cochem as well as the Flair Hotel Am Rosenhügel in Valwiger Straße, where you can indulge in culinary delights. A visit to the famous Cochem Imperial Castle, which was lovingly restored in the course of the romantic castle in the 19th century, is also particularly recommended.

Die berühmte Cochemer Reichsburg
Die berühmte Cochemer Reichsburg

Arrival and departure

The starting point of the hike can then be easily reached again with the bus line 500 (Cochem-Ulmen-Daun-Gerolstein). The hike can also be wonderfully combined with a vacation in two Flair Hotels. How about, for example, a stay at the Flair Hotel Landgasthaus Krebs in Mehren in the Vulkaneifel – about ten minutes by car from the starting point of the hike in Ulmen. From the hotel you can also explore the beauties of the Vulkaneifel.

Hikers will appreciate the Vulkaneifel paths and the Eifelsteig. When you arrive in Cochem, the Flair Hotel Am Rosenhügel is not only worth a detour because of its restaurant. Here you can relax for a few days or explore the area on the beautiful Moselle. The “Moselsteig”, which was Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2016, is a must for hikers. There are also many circular hiking trails that have been awarded the German hiking seal.

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