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Ein neuer Vorstand und eine neue Tochter

Ochsenfurt, December 2020 – The Flair Hotels annual conference brings a lot of news – a new board of directors and a new subsidiary: Flair Hotels e. V. founds a GmbH with Hotelfux. Sophie von Seydlitz is the managing director of the new subsidiary. Flair Hotel of the year 2021 is Häfner’s Flair Hotel Adlerbad and Flair Chef of the year is Alexander Erck from Flair Hotel Erck.

Unusual times require unusual measures: For the first time in the 37-year history of Flair Hotels, the traditional annual conference took place online at the end of November. But that’s not the only reason why this annual conference was a very special one. Furthermore, there was also important news for the 46 Flair members, because a new daughter was welcomed in addition to a new board of directors.

Hotelfux GmbH

With the advertising company Hotelfux, a subsidiary was founded a few weeks ago, the mother of which is 100% Flair Hotels e. V. is. The managing director of Hotelfux, who has been sales and marketing manager for Flair Hotels for four years, is Sophie von Seydlitz. During the event, Flair members explained the numerous advantages associated with the start-up.

“With Hotelfux we will in future be able to easily handle services that we have been successfully offering our Flair hoteliers for many years. With this step excellent opportunities have been created to be able to survive successfully in the market in the future. Because our scope of services has grown significantly in recent years and has become very flexible. Now we have also found the right legal form to map this even more successfully, ”explains Sophie von Seydlitz.

Plans & goals

The 33-year-old von Seydlitz has many plans: “With the establishment of Hotelfux, we now have completely new possibilities to offer our members flexible support. On the one hand, we can offer individual modules and continue to be active, above all, for hotels that are not up to Flair. Because the economic form of the association was no longer suitable with the strongly grown service portfolio to offer the individual the individual support that is needed. ”

The basic aim of the GmbH foundation is to offer additional services that can be booked in addition to the services that are the same for all Flair members, such as quality management, branding, catalog creation, website, booking systems, etc. Non-members should also have the opportunity to use the special services of Hotelfux nationwide and in the EU-German-speaking area.

Hotelfux is an agency that specializes primarily in medium-sized hotel business. The team is very familiar with the challenges and the systems and knows what potential hotel guests need and what they value.

The competent team of employees around Sophie von Seydlitz has already been expanded in the last 12 months. For example, an employee who is exclusively responsible for technical support and a social media manager came on board.
Strengths & target groups

Sophie von Seydlitz: “With the establishment of the GmbH, we are strengthening the parent company, Flair Hotels e.V., because with Hotelfux we want to earn money with our offers and services tailored to the industry and this will ultimately also benefit the Flair hotel cooperation. Because the Flair members can look forward to decreasing membership fees. In return, they all get the same services and can purchase highly specialized marketing and sales services from the subsidiary at a preferential price. ”

The target group of Hotelfux are medium-sized, family-run businesses in Germany and in the German-speaking EU area. The Flair Hotels e. V. will again, as it was the original purpose, stand up for technical group solutions, lobby work and promote the exchange of experiences.

... we offer highly specialized marketing and services.

Sophie von Seydlitz

A young board member moves up

The new management board elections of the Flair Hotel e.V. were also pending at this year’s conference.

First of all, Hans-Joachim Stöver, who has been chairman for six years, thanked his representative Petra Holzinger and the other board colleagues in an emotional speech for the longstanding support of all Flairies. A secret postal vote was then used. The sealed envelopes were sent by post to the Flair office in Ochsenfurt. There the votes were counted and the result announced last weekend.

With Daniel Reuner as 1st chairman and Sascha Bannier as deputy, a young board member is now starting work at Flair Hotels e.V. Both are supported by five other Flair colleagues, who competently fill the positions from treasurer to secretary to assessor and auditor.

Top hotel

This year again a “Flair Hotel of the Year” and the “Flair Chef of the Year” were chosen. The Häfner’s Flair Hotel Adlerbad in Bad Perterstal-Griesbach in the Black Forest can look forward to the title “Flair Hotel of the Year 2021” The hotel is not only located in an incredibly beautiful area, in addition to warm hospitality and a comfortably furnished hotel, it also offers a recently opened wellness area with a spacious sauna area. The SPA area with a Finnish sauna is completely in the Black Forest style , a thermium, a steam bath grotto, an adventure shower, a Grander water station and a beautiful view of the Black Forest. Gourmets will be personally cooked for the finest with culinary specialties. More information

Top cook

Chef in KitchenAlexander Erck is delighted with the title “Flair Chef of the Year 2021”. He is junior manager at the Flair Hotel Erck in Bad Schönborn, in Tuscany in Baden, and inspires guests with his creative, regional cuisine, which is based on seasonal and healthy products. The head chef in the “Der Erck” restaurant focuses on products from his region when shopping. Alexander Erck: “The products I use have to be from home – fresh, healthy and full of flavor. Of course, I know personally the baker, the winemaker, the farmer and the beer brewer who deliver to me. Only the best that the region has to offer comes to the table. ”More

More news

Further topics of the conference were the upcoming trainee days in February 2021, the social media workshop for members and the Flair donation campaign, in which the hoteliers donate EUR 1.00 for each out-of-home meal sold to organizations of their choice in December. In addition, on the first day of the annual conference, an all-day workshop by the company EagleControl was offered online. Willi Nusser from Illmensee, long-time Flair hotelier and now owner and company founder of EagleControl has developed a program with the industry-specific software “eagleControl” that offers efficient solutions for numerous problems in the hotel and catering industry and is already enthusiastically used by many Flair colleagues. At the workshop offered, numerous efficient solutions in different areas were shown.


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