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Deichstraße 18
DE – 26434 Horumersiel
+49 4426 1857

We’re looking forward to welcoming you! We are waiting for you in a wonderfully peaceful location, right on the beach.
We pour our heart and soul into managing the holiday home that was established by our parents and we have even been able to extend it with a bed and breakfast hotel. We are now also able to offer our guests in the holiday home an excellent breakfast buffet in an elegant and cosy Frisian atmosphere. The wellness area and treatments can also be enjoyed by all guests.
Spend your most valuable days of the year with us in the North Sea health spa of Horumersiel and enjoy the beautiful Frisia.

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About our food

Our breakfast buffet guarantees a good start to the day!
Enjoy our breakfast buffet with a wide range of freshly prepared meals and drinks in the cosy atmosphere of our lovingly furnished and decorated breakfast room.
In addition to home-made jams, muesli, country bread and freshly baked bread rolls, we also offer scrambled eggs with prawns or ham, cold meats and many other delicacies. Choose from many different varieties of tea from our buffet and blend your own.
If the weather is good, you can also enjoy your breakfast on our sheltered and sunny terrace.
To ensure that you have sufficient time, the breakfast buffet is available to our guests between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Holiday with a view of the sea - with us you live directly in the first row behind the dike.

Family Bendiks & Team

"Moin, Moin! That's what you hear here on the coast when dear guests come! We would be pleased to welcome you with a hearty Moin, Moin." - Jürg Bendiks, host
"Moin, Moin! That's what you hear here on the coast when dear guests come! We would be pleased to welcome you with a hearty Moin, Moin." - Jürg Bendiks, host

Flair comfort right on the beach

The Flair Hotel Garni in Horumersiel is as friendly as the Wangerland region itself. Comfortable rooms, delicious food in the restaurant and time spent relaxing in the wellness area ensure you have a first-class rest. The unique landscape invites you to go on inspiring excursions and take part in water sports. Real northerners are right at home in this Flair Hotel on the North Sea.

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15 rooms


  • Beach View
  • Garden
  • Luggage room
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Reception
  • Safe


  • Buffet breakfast


North Sea

Holidaying in the North Sea is as varied and changeable as the surface of the sea itself. The beach is attractive in bright sunshine. During a long walk through the dunes, the wind, clouds and salty sea breeze all demonstrate the unique, raw charm of the North Sea. If it’s raining, abundant wellness offers When the tide is out, a walk in the Wadden Sea is a unique experience. The nearby hinterland is shaped by the ocean climate and offers meadows and pasture landscapes that are waiting to be explored.




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