Thank you for your loyalty

FlairWertCard. Stay overnight with Flair – it's worth it!

As a loyal guest, your points will count for every stay in a Flair Hotel. For every stay in a Flair Hotel, whether in a double or a single room, you will receive 1 Flair Gold Point on the day of departure (up to a maximum of 3 Flair Gold Points per stay). Once you have achieved the full number of 13 gold points on your FlairWertCard, we will make out a FlairWert voucher to you for 50 euros. You can use this voucher for an overnight stay as well as for a visit to the restaurant in a Flair Hotel of your choice. You can get your FlairWertCard during your stay at a Flair Hotel – just ask the staff at reception.

If you have another Flair loyalty card, you can fill this up first and send it as usual to the Flair offices at Flair Hotels e. V., P.O. Box 1651, D-97198 Ochsenfurt.

We hope you have a lot of fun collecting points!