Flair Partnership Alliance have won the German Fairness Prize 2014

Flair Hotels have won the German Fairness Prize awarded by n-tv and the German Institute for Service Quality. The Flair Hotel partnership alliance was chosen for first place in the category "Hotels". This is based on 42,000 customer opinions as part of extensive survey.

The Flair Team is delighted that the Flair Partnership Alliance is one of the prizewinners and has been recognised by customers for its constant efforts to achieve high quality at a fair price and an atmosphere in which guests can feel at home.

Hans-Joachim Stöver, member of the management board of the Flair Hotels Partnership Alliance, is very pleased by this high-ranking award: “The German Fairness Prize makes us feel very proud, because recognition by our guests is the greatest praise that we could have." Petra Holzinger, 1st Chair of the Flair management board, sees the prize as wonderful feedback, confirming that the Hotel Partnership Alliance and its slogan "At home in the regions" are on the right track: "A partnership involving so many hotels in such a wide range of regions just has to base itself on these special differences. Of course, with all Flair establishments, we are concerned with top quality, but to us it is always important to see and to present the hotel in the relevant region, as well as to include the traditions and unique qualities of the region and its people in all aspects. Whether this is in the furnishing, the range of foods offered or the traditional clothing worn by the staff. This is what makes the Flair establishments special and unique. We love regional qualities and use them to make our guests feel warmly welcomed.”

The extensive survey of customers covered topics such as price/performance ratio, reliability and transparency.